The Fábrica de Carroçarias Sabino, Lda. was founded by Adelino David Rosa Sabino in 1978.

His professional life began very early. Born in Varche, municipality of Elvas in 1948, youngest son of three brothers, with only eleven years old decides to stop studying on his own initiative, once he was given the opportunity. Has he perceived that the other brothers had not had this possibility, he decided to start his professional tens. He then began his first job as a guarder of a stick of pigs, an animal with a restless nature, which obliged his utmost attention.

After several experiences in Alentejo at 17 years old, decides to come to the region of Lisbon, a region known for being prosperous, because he was professionally limited in his hometown. He started working in a prestigious firm connected to school furniture in the region of Mafra.

Later, he came to the region of Sintra and worked in a company of agricultural implements. It was however in the company Amadeu Vitorino & Filhos where he considers it to be his professional school. This company was essentially dedicated to the reinforcement of chassis and truck springs. He remained there for 14 years.

After the revolution of 25 April 1974, the national economic situation was severely affected. With all the social conjuncture that has settled, companies have become forced to reduce their working time by ending with the extraordinary hours which were already of great relevance to Adelino Sabino in the subsistence of his home. Being at the time a young entrepreneur, decided to initiate activity in his spare time by repairing trucks and excavation machines in a garage of his father-in-law, Vitorino Francisco.

In 1978, with the enlargement in activity, he was forced to leave his employer, increasing the facilities with the construction of a pavilion of 220m2. In the four years, this space was already insufficient which obliges him to build a new pavilion of 315m2.


Customers appear, orders increase and after fifteen years, taking advantages of a security that comes from the prestige however created, builds the third pavilion, this one of 560m2. With the growth of the constructed area it was necessary to attach a neighbouring land to the park of the vehicles to be transformed.

In 2016, the management was transferred to his progenies, João Davide Francisco Sabino and Sérgio Lino Francisco Sabino.

The company over the years has been monitoring the technological changes production level and in the development of products that are more suited to the service they are intended for. The production varies between the open box for general cargo transport, through the distribution boxes, type TIR to the closed boxes in aluminium or polyurethane sandwich. With the increase of the “know-how” in the oil-hydraulic area acquired through specialization courses to our technical and consolidated staff in assembling and repairing of cranes, elevating collars, introduces in its range of products of tipping boxes, also relying on other types of products such as interchangeable box systems, hydraulic ramps door machines and a innovative system of transporting industrial gas bottles.

Today, SABINO relies on a quality policy of its products based on “doing” and “doing well”.